See what other clients and professionals have said about their experiences working with Dr. Chelson:

“The care the Dr. Chelson gave to me was like no other experience that I have ever had with a medical professional. She looks to solve the problems that are negatively effecting your life instead of treating the problem momentarily with the latest drug. I have suffered from chronic urinary tract infections for the last 15 years. Since meeting with Dr. Chelson I    have not had any occurrences. I feel like a new person! I would highly recommend Dr. Chelson to anyone who is looking for a lifelong solution for good health.”

– Jamie Johnloz

“Once again, Dr. Chelson took care of my health problems and ‘cured’ me!   I began having constant heart palpitations and my lab reports said my cholesterol was very high.  I went to my medical doctor and she told me I would need to start on both a beta blocker for the heart palpitations and a statin drug for my high cholesterol.  I didn’t want to deal with the negative side effects of either drug so I called Dr. Chelson looking for alternatives.  After analyzing both my symptoms and lab work she started me on a regimen of medication and supplements, with no side effects.  Within a week, the palpitations started to subside and after two weeks they totally stopped.  It has been over a month and a half and still no problems.  What a relief!  I will have my labs done again in a few weeks to check my cholesterol and the effectiveness of treatment.  I have no doubt that things will be looking up!  Thank you Dr. Chelson!”

– Eileen Giammona, Redwood City, CA

All of my life, I’ve had a problem with chronic heartburn.  I had gone to different doctors who prescribed many different medications.  None of them really worked and I was convinced that I would be on prescription medication for my problem the rest of my life.  Then I came to Dr. Chelson who presented me with a totally different approach.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but I followed her regimen and little by little (actually, very quickly) my heartburn problems were completely gone.  To this day I do not take ANY kind of medication for heartburn.  I am completely free of it.  It’s amazing, and I tell everyone who will listen.  She took a different approach, listening to me and really understanding what’s going on with my body, to figure out what was wrong.  She’s wonderful.

– Nichole Chiaro,  Corona, CA

Dr Debora Chelson has provided me and my family invaluable treatment and knowledge for many years. I believe she is the reason my husband got seven good years off quality life after being diagnosed with lung cancer. I will be forever grateful for those seven years with him.
Thank you, again, Dr Chelson.
Sincerely, Cheryl Rust


“Debora is a skilled and compassionate Naturopathic Doctor. She models what she teaches and is a true health advocate.”   Dr. Lise Alschuler 

VP Quality and Education, Emerson Ecologics


 “Dr. Chelson is an excellent service provider. I have gone to her on numerous occasions and had the opportunity to experience her professionalism first hand! I had great results in the sessions I had with her and will definitely go back. I highly recommend her and her practice! She was very personable, helpful, and truly wanted nothing more than my well-being!”
Emily Jacobson