I rely on conventional lab work, as well as cutting edge lab testing that can determine heavy metal toxicity, food allergies, autoimmune disease, hormone levels, and neurotransmitter levels.

Especially if you are new to naturopathic approaches to health care, I highly encourage you to check out this site to learn more about neurotransmitter levels and how it affects your well being:   www.neurorelief.com

My services include:

Complete Lab Work
E.D.S. (Electrodermal Screening)   More info
N.E.A.T Allergy Treatment (Natural Elimination of Allergies Treatment)  More Info
Individual Dietary Counseling to identify the Right Diet for You
Fitness Testing
Hormone Level Testing and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)  More info
Diet & Lifestyle Counseling
Weight Loss
Saliva Testing (Adrenals, etc) via ZRT
Cutting Edge Neurotransmitter testing with NeuroRelief
Consultations and more via telephone, Skype, FaceTime, email, etc. – you do not have to live in Tucson for me to be your physician!

I specialize in treating the following conditions and issues:

Chronic Headache
Thyroid Conditions
Chronic Fatigue
Boosting the Immune System
Allergies – Specializing in N.E.A.T.  (Natural Elimination of Allergies Technique)
Chronic Pain
Chronic Illness
Autoimmune Disease
Ear, Nose, and Throat Ailments
Hypertension and High Blood Pressure
Weight Loss and  Management
Digestive Problems  –  Reflux  –  Malabsorption Issues
Heart Disease
Alternative Treatments for Cancer

If you have any questions about my fees and payment options, please download the Rates and Payment Policy form on the Information & Forms page.  That is also were you will find new patient Intake and Symptoms Checklist forms, which you can also download, fill out and fax to us before your first appointment with Dr. Chelson.

Please Note: While I do not take insurance directly for payment, most major insurance companies will cover lab work costs, and reimburse most, if not all, of my services.

Call for an appointment – we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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