I have been practicing naturopathic medicine here in Tucson for 9 years, and before that I had a full scope practice in Prescott  for 14 years.  My main focus now is “chronic” illness, or a state of “dis-ease.” Simply put, I treat people, not symptoms.  I work as a “Wellness Coach,” teaching and helping you to enhance the quality of your life.

If you are still struggling with ongoing health issues, after working with multiple, diverse medical professionals, incapable of finding a solution, it’s likely you found your way here after a long, exhausting, futile, and frustrating process.  Trying to balance conflicting opinions with the ever changing ‘conventional wisdom’, shouldn’t be your job, and only adds more stress to your situation.  The last thing you need in your situation is more stress, nor to feel helpless, and hopeless after all of your efforts.

Let’s get you off that treadmill and on your way to a more robust, higher functioning, and satisfying state of health.

I will develop a treatment plan with you by first reviewing your current state of wellness and areas of distress or desired improvement.  Then I will explain the foundational systems in the body that relate to those types of distress, and what can cause those systems to malfunction in the first place.  Next we will design a systemic approach to strengthen and support those systems, so they can get back to full function and the resulting symptoms can subside.

Let’s all choose to “Dance like no one is watching!”

What is a “Naturopathic” Approach and Why Do I Recommend It?

The true difference between a Naturopathic physician, and the conventional physician is their focus, and how they approach, and manage it.  Conventional doctors tend to focus more on palliative treatment, that is, manage and treat your symptoms.  Being a Naturopathic doctor, I treat the whole person, and look for the underlying causes of your symptoms.  I can offer you natural support to rehabilitate the involved systems causing those symptoms.  This results in  true, systemic relief from what is ailing you.  This more holistic approach takes advantage of a plethora of alternative therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical), all of which allow your body to heal itself.

We will explore the approaches and treatments that have helped you in the past, and ignore the ones that didn’t.  Once I have gathered all your information, and reviewed your lab work, I am ready to give you an overview of how you got Here, and how we are going to get you back on the road to recovery, and a more satisfying State of Being, one step at a time.

I want to stress that I am not rigid or exclusive in my thinking about natural remedies.  I do believe there are some patients with conditions that respond well to conventional therapies, so I have no issue making referrals when necessary.  There are certain health conditions, and temporary situations that may require prescription medication, of which I can handle for you.

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My Commitment to Education and Creating a Wellness Community

As part of fulfilling my intention to provide knowledge and help for as many people as I can reach, I am happy to share my expertise in group presentations and training seminars.  I have served on the Arizona Naturopathic Board of Medical Examiners (two years as the Chairman) by appointment, and at the pleasure of the Governor for five years.

I truly believe that life is about service, especially to those in need.  Your health is enhanced by helping others, just as mine is.  Let us all dance like no one is watching!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me about speaking at your special group event or non-profit organization meeting.