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Natural Elimination of Allergy Technique (NEAT) — 2 Comments

  1. hello: my name is Diane Anderson. I was recently diagnosed with an allergy to black rubber mix and some nikel. My labs came back as normal. No food allergies or auto-immune issues. Topical steroids did not work, prednisone nor anti-biotoics. I went to an allergist, had patch testing, came back allergic to rubber. I am trying to eliminate rubber (wear gloves at gym), bought a silicone keyboard and mouse etc. The allergist told me to use zinc oxide, pure coconut oil and cerave cream, benedril and Atarex don’t help either. Can you help? My eyes area, lids and apple of cheeks feel like they are on fire. Makeup helps as a barrier. My phone # is 909-6353.

    • I apologize Diane for my tardy reply. Its is unusual that this is your only allergy, and I would be inclined to dig a little deeper and see what else is going on. Have you had any toxic exposures as a child, or afterwards? They used to make a habit of burning old tires…until they discovered what those fumes did to the environment. You have to drive your car and wear shoes and those contain the culprit. Try to avoid the steroids if possible, and find out how your liver is functioning. Get copies of those labs for yourself. I would be happy to take a history, look over your labs and give you my take of what would need to be done. Otherwise do your research!!

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